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This is open to all to view but full assess is for Stag Owners Club members only. Non members can post and reply for a 30 day trial period.
This is for technical matters and general “Stag” discussion

This is open to all to view but full assess is for Stag Owners Club members only. Non members can post and reply for a 30 day trial period.
Posts we consider to be from traders will be deleted or moved
This is where members can dispose of their unwanted Stag parts and possibly find that missing one. To keep this section current all posts over two months will be deleted.

TRADERS Subscription required
This is open to all to view but Stag Owners Club members can view and reply. Non members can view and reply for a 30 day trial period.
Only traders can post in this forum, SOC members and Non members.
This is where traders can sell and discuss their products, services and Stag related parts and items. We intend that this section is used by sole traders and small businesses not large companies. Blatant references posted in the other forums to products here will be deleted.

Pricing Structure

SOC Members
12.50 per month / issue for both the Traders forum and the classified section in the SOC magazine

Non Members
12.50 per month for the Traders forum
12.50 per issue in the classified section in the SOC magazine

This is a new section and a contentious subject so we will keep this under constant review.
Your co-operation and common sense approach to this will go a long way to making it successful.

Who is a Trader?
We shall classify a trader any member who is regularly selling items, either parts, kits or manufactured, for profit.

Members are reminded that when purchasing items and services advertised in this forum the Stag Owners Club and its officers cannot be held in any way responsible for the quality or correctness of items included in the advertisement. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute a recommendation by the Club.


Club business only must be discussed in this private forum which is only visible to members of SOC.
Please remember your club is run by a committee all of whom are volunteers. Their decisions will be open to healthy debate and constructive criticism.
No posting should be openly critical of the general performance of the Committee, or of Members of this committee. Please address these comments outside the forum via personal e-mail directly to the Secretary of the National Committee. Any reply given should not be copied into any forum posting, by quote or otherwise.

This is available to SOC members and users on a trial basis

A range of 'How to do it' guides, monitored by our technical panel of forum members.
Requests for help or information should be made in the main Forum
If you have information you wish to contribute you can submit a thread here. It will not appear until the panel has considered it.
These guides are simply ways of doing various jobs on the Stag, based on the individual contributor's knowledge and experience.
Neither the SOC nor the contributor can accept liability for any loss, damage or mishap that may result from following these guides or any advice contained therein and members must accept any and all associated risks.
The Technical Panel will try to ensure that these guides and any advice are reasonable and prudent based on their own experience and knowledge. However no guarantee or warranty is provided nor implied.