SOCTFL - Why does it exist?
The Stag Owners Club Tooling Fund ‘SOCTFL for short’ was established by the Stag Owners Club in the early ’90s for the purpose of encouraging remanufacture of high quality body panels and other parts for the Triumph Stag that are no longer available from original sources.

The number of Triumph Stags still ‘on the road’ is estimated at 6,500 in the UK and possibly a further 2,000 world-wide, so in terms of automotive manufacturing the production volumes for our projects are low and not commercially viable. SOCTFL is able to make limited grants and loans to manufacturers to subsidise tooling and production.


By this means the SOC has been able to encourage manufacture and distribution in low volumes in order to offer Club members high quality panels and parts at affordable prices.


SOCTFL is run by volunteers on a parttime basis and new volunteers are always welcome. Experience in automotive engineering, commercial management, or project management is particularly useful but is not a pre-requisite. Enthusiasm and an interest in the cars are the essential factors!


The Origins of SOCTFL

Component parts and sub-assemblies for the Triumph Stag car as described by its manufacturers, British Leyland UK Limited, in their Parts Catalogue 519579 are, for the most part, no longer available from the original manufacturer or sub-contractors. Furthermore, given that as production ceased over 20 years ago, the problem is becoming increasingly acute, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the 5,000 + members of the Stag Owners Club to keep their cars on the road.

In order to address this problem, the Stag Owners Club established the Stag Owners Club Tooling Fund Limited, known as "SOCTFL", which operates under supervision of the Stag Owners Club National Committee. SOCTFL itself is managed by a group of volunteers drawn from the Stag Owner's Club membership in accordance with its Memorandum of Association.


Mandate for Operation
During the period autumn 2000 through spring 2001 the operation of SOCTFL was reviewed by the officers of both SOCTFL itself and the Stag Owners Club national Committee. This resulted in the establishment of following Terms of Reference for future SOCTFL operations (see attached). The Terms of Reference are intended to ensure that SOC members are able to readily obtain high quality parts and panels from parts retailers.

SOCTFL Terms of Reference - April 2001

The Funding Scheme

Under the SOCTFL Funding Scheme, parts or panels produced from tooling to which SOCTFL has contributed financially are awarded the “SOCTFL Tick” mark. Whilst the “SOCTFL Tick” mark implies no undertaking as to product liability by SOCTFL, nor any guarantee to end users as to the quality of parts or panels, SOCTFL will seek to ensure that these responsibilities are covered by the manufacturer.


Where practical the "SOCTFL Tick" mark is attached to production parts, or their packaging, at the point of manufacture. Thereafter, regardless of the route the parts or panels take through the supply chain, the “SOCTFL Tick” mark is visible to the end user at the point of purchase.



Through publicity on the SOCTFL web pages, in the Stag Owners Club Magazine, at events such as National Day, and attendance at classic car shows where the Stag Owners Club is represented, the members are advised of the current availability of SOCTFL funded parts from the established suppliers.

Established Suppliers

SOCTFL always seeks to clarify through publicity, though, that there are no “SOCTFL approved retailers”, regardless of what some may claim in their advertising from time to time. Many retailers do, however, supply SOCTFL funded parts, and SOCTFL maintains a list of the more established ones. In order to pre-empt complaints as to which  are included or excluded from the list SOCTFL also published the criteria for inclusion, which is:-

 “To qualify for inclusion is the list of established suppliers for the current calendar year, retailers must have placed at least six advertisements in the SOC Magazine during the previous year, each advertisement being at least half a page in size”.


The current list of SOCTFL suppliers is:


E J Ward Motor 279 9060
James Paddock 399899
N & P Motors (The Heathrow Stag Specialists)07715 836703
Rimmer Bros 568000
Robsport 262263
SOC Spares 292828
Tony Hart0208 426 1327