Magazine Preview: December 2017

Magazine Preview: December 2017

This months magazine will be hitting your doormats very shortly, so to wet your appetites here are some sample articles to look forward. Other articles include National Committee, Stoneleigh restoration show, Stag Tinkering and a variety of club member offers and events

Rebirth of the LD2 stag : Rare Triumph ‘Tools Car’ back on the road

LD1 (Built December 1969) and LD2 (Built February 1970) were two ‘tools’ cars assembled by the Triumph engineering staff. Triumph tools cars were used to verify the tooling (hence the moniker) and to document assembly processes. Any changes to the tooling needed to happen at this time before production could begin.

The SOC At Enginuity

We were pleased to welcome Mark from Enginuity to our West Sussex meeting in September. Mark later agreed to invited us to a Rolling Road session on a Saturday morning in October. (In case you’re wondering, Enginuity are one of the leading Triumph TR and Stag specialist garages in the South of England).

Wiltshire Stags cross the Stelivo Pass 2017

Do we need an excuse to drive in Italy? Not at all, just an ESM in Switzerland that puts us in the proximity of the Alps.

There were three Stags, three couples, Chris and Mary, John and Julie and Carol and myself, two car colours Blue & Yellow, two different types of Satnav (2 x TomTom, one not up t odate(circa 1996) + 1 x Garmin). John & Julie live quite close to us so we drove down to Dover together, meeting Chris & Mary at the Ramada hotel. A 5:30 start saw us leaving the hotel at the same time as the sun rose, dead in line with the long hotel drive, together with the heavy overnight dew visibility was Nil, the first of many reasons why we tended towards travelling as two groups.