Magazine preview: February 2018

Magazine preview: February 2018
This months magazine will be hitting your doormats very shortly, so to wet your appetites here are some sample articles to look forward. Other articles include Notes from the AGM, The Unsung Hero, SOC Norfolk Party and a variety of club member offers and events

Rebirth of the LD2 Stag

LD1 (Built December 1969) and LD2 (Built February 1970) were two ‘tools’ cars assembled by the Triumph engineering staff. Triumph tools cars were used to verify the tooling (hence the moniker) and to document assembly processes. Any changes to the tooling needed to happen at this time before production could begin.

Classic Car and Motor Show

A lot of work goes into putting this show on from our point of view. I’ve done it for long enough now to have things reasonably organised, however, it’s still quite a few days effort to pull it all together. I’ve already started next year’s organising. How’s that for confidence in my continued existence on the planet...

Inside Triumph: Triumph in the early 1970s

In the last piece, I spoke about the MIRA No.1 circuit with its three high speed banked corners. One of its quirks was that it generally followed the prevailing profile of the land, and was therefore by no means level.