Magazine Preview: June 2018

Magazine Preview: June 2018
This months magazine will be hitting your doormats very shortly, so to wet your appetites here are some sample articles to look forward. Other articles include To be a Drive it Day, GDPR, Silverstone Preview, South East Regional Day and a variety of club member offers and events

Rules and Regulations: Vehicles of Historic Interest

As of 20th May 2018 most Stags can be declared as Vehicles of Historic Interest. This is different to a Historic Vehicle and if you chose to make this declaration, your Stag will no longer be subject to a compulsory annual MOT test. Below is the guidance to such a declaration. If you would like further advice on this subject please contact club committee member Russell Lewis. 

Mike & Helen Tanswell - Competing Again

Out and About in Australia

Hello fellow staggers!, It all started at the end of March on a hot balmy 32 Degrees Celsius night in Adelaide, driving around in the Stag, well actually I ducked down to the beach to get an ice cream as one does. When I got home I was perusing some of the ‘Out and About’ articles in our SOC magazine and had one of those light bulb moments... it didn’t take much light really... and noted nothing from Australia.