Is it Tax Exempt

Is my car tax exempt
 If your tax is due for renewal after April 2014, I understand that you can complete section 7 of your V5C (your Registration Document) to show ‘Historic’ and send to the DVLA with your proof that the car was manufactured before 1st January 1974. Please note that if your car is shown on your Registration Document as being first registered before January 1st 1974, then it is obvious that it was manufactured before that date and no further documentation should be required – but it would be best to write an explanatory letter to tell them that, as DVLA are not known for their forward thinking. If your car was built before 1st January 1974 but first registered after that date, you will need a dating letter from the Registrar (me), however, this will only apply to cars with Commission Numbers before LD 31152 as I understand that this was the number of the last Stag built in 1973 (although I have not yet been able to verify this with BMIHT).

Peter Robinson
(Club, Secretary, Registrar and Membership)

Just introduced in the recent  March 2014 budget
A rolling 40 year Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) exemption was also introduced for classic vehicles following last year's 1974 exemption.

A Heritage certificate which details the date of the cars build amongst other information can be obtained from the Motor Heritage Centre

The Archive of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust preserves the surviving records of some of the most famous names in British motoring history. The Archive department offers the proud classic car owner a Heritage Certificate which is a certified copy of the entry against the chassis number in the authentic factory ledgers.  Discover the original numbers and colour scheme, dates of build and dispatch, and where available, the details of factory fitted equipment.

Cost £35  For more information please see the Heritage Website.

The Heritage Trust is introducing a charge of £5 for any questions which are not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions.  However, they have offered to waive the fee for Classic Car Club members, but the Car Club must appoint a liaison officer to “funnel” the queries.

I am pleased to tell you that Peter Robinson (who is the Club’s Registrar as well as the Membership Secretary) has volunteered to take on this role.  You can send your enquiries to him and he will pass them on the Heritage Centre and you save the £5 fee.  Please note you still have to pay the full cost for your Heritage Certificate.