A SOCial Club

A Very SOCial Club indeed...
We at the SOC HQ believe that social media is a great way to share our love and passion for the Triumph Stag and it's owners with as many people as possible, not everyone one will be on all social media but hopefully we've got most of the bases to get your fix of Triumph Stags.

Our Facebook following covers every continent and through the SOC and our fans sharing what they are up to people from as far afield as Tasmania to Canada and people from Iran to Iraq can see what fellow stag followers are doing and their cars. The followers may never meet as the feasibility of a physical club meeting for all of them would be immense, but

This was the first of the Social tools we launched and currently have over 700 followers including Craig Revel Horwood (with over 135k followers darling!!!). We uses “hashtags” to allow people to find Tweets about a subject - #fortheloveofcars, #triumphstag or even #GBBO!! and we always introduce a hashtag for big events before and during so fans can follow what your going to be up to and then keeping them informed at the event is happening – #IWE2014, #ASKSOC - so fly over to twitter to follow us - StagOwnersClub

Our blog is frequently updated online journal to share our passions with the Stag. Really, it’s anything we want it to be and where you can catch up on articles that may or may not have been in the magazine - so while a way a fe hours over at https://stagownersclub.wordpress.com/

Welcome to our online photo album where we share photos from all events with the Media and public alike, we have over 33 Albums with 5859 photos so why not pop along an dave a look at all the fun things we have been up to - https://www.flickr.com/photos/94127498@N03/

Instagram is a photo-sharing and video-sharing app for smart phones which will use on occasion to have some fun when we are out and about - just jump on to instagram and have a look for the StagOwnersClub

We have a youtube channel with a few club videos on it, so dodge over to youtube and see what you can do in a Stag - https://www.youtube.com/channel/

So you are searching the net finding loads of really nice pictures of cars and people and you wonder where to put them, well we chose Pintrest as our place to store these lovely images. Here we store images that we have found on our browsing from cars to adverts and back again - so have a meander round are boards at https://www.pinterest.com/StagOwnersClub/