Coronavirus Covid 19 Guidance

AGM 2020 and Convid 19 Guidance

2020 Stag Owners Club AGM

Dear members,

The unprecedented COVID19 situation has required the committee to consider what we do regarding the running of our AGM for 2020.

Currently, there are many unknowns and given the uncertainty of what might happen to infection rates in the Autumn and Winter, the committee have needed to consider whether organising an AGM this year is an acceptable risk that we are prepared to take.  A secondary point we have needed to consider is the potential hotel cancellation cost, which could amount to around £15,000 if we delayed our decision any further.  We have left our deliberations and our decision to the last possible point to see if the situation improved.  We are far from confident that mass meetings are going to be viable or advisable by the Autumn.

We have concluded that in order to protect our membership it would not be possible to run an AGM safely this year.  Therefore, the 2020 AGM is cancelled.  The committee and officers will remain in their posts for another year.  There are much larger organisations than the SOC who are also taking the same path in order to protect their membership.

The committee hope you will understand the decision we have made.

Keep safe.

Tony Lapworth (Stag Owners Club – National Committee Chairman)

Coronavirus Guidance - Update 5th July, 2020

The Stag Owners Club is committed to protecting our members and volunteers and in these uncertain times we have to be sure that we are taking all necessary precautions.

Due to a large proportion of our members being of an age within the highest risk category, the National Committee will continue to keep a watchful eye on the unfolding Government direction and advice and we will act accordingly upon that advice.

The Club encourages all members to follow the latest Government advice and guidelines and not to put yourself at risk in any way.  REMEMBER, WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC.

There are differences in approach depending upon where in the UK you live, therefore please follow the guidelines that apply ‘where you are’. 

To view Government guidance rules on England lockdown rules visit: UPDATED

Devolved Government information can be found in the links contained in section 8.1 of the above FAQ.

For more information on COVID-19 visit


SOC Events – Current Decisions.

Local N&Ns and Events.


Please adhere to guidance rules in place ‘where you are’.  England lockdown is easing from 4th July with pubs and restaurants being able to open providing they follow covid-safe practices.  However, and very importantly, there are still guidance rules in place that restrict gatherings to a maximum of 6 people from different households and even then, observing social distancing of 2m where possible.

We would strongly advise you not to organise anything that would breach any of the Covid 19 guidance rules in force.  When out driving our lovely cars, we are on show as ambassadors for the Club and Classic Car scene in general, very much in the public eye and therefore, under greater scrutiny, so please bear this in mind.

Follow the rules and Keep safe.

 NEC Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show 13th-15th November 2020

This show at the moment is still being advertised as going ahead.  If that changes we will let you know.

Stag Owners Club AGM and Social Weekend 26th – 29th November 2020. CANCELLED

The committee have decided that in order to protect our membership in these uncertain times of living with corona virus that the risk of running the 2020 AGM is an unacceptable risk that we simply cannot take.

 Regards and Keep safe everybody.

 Tony Lapworth (National Committee Chairman)