Magazine Preview August 2020

Magazine Preview August 2020
The cover of the August edition shows John Daniel's Stag in the autumn sun.

Trans Pyrenees Tour 

Tim Proctor lives in a beautiful part of France and last year, directly after replacing his water pump, decided to take his Stag "Betty" and join the Triumph Club of France on their Trans Pyrenees Tour. Tim takes us on his journey with great scenery and towns being encountered in the fearsome continental sun with temperatures topping 42c at times. 

Why a Stag

Every Stag owner has their own reasons for buying a Stag. In this edition West Sussex member Roger Gray gives insight into the circumstances that led him to making his decision to purchase a Stag some twenty years or so ago - a decision he has not regretted.


My Triumph Stag Love Affair

Californian John Howard takes us on his ten year journey of highs and lows for taking a Triumph Stag from barn find to show winner. That he persevered and has such a superb car to show for his efforts is testament to his love of Triumphs.