Coronavirus Covid 19 Guidance

Coronavirus Guidance Update

Coronavirus Guidance Update 22nd May 2020

The Stag Owners Club is committed to protecting our members and volunteers and in these uncertain times we have to be sure that we are taking all necessary precautions.

Due to a large proportion of our members being of an age within the highest risk category, the National Committee will continue to keep a watchful eye on the unfolding Government direction and advice and we will act accordingly upon that advice.

The Club encourages all members to follow the latest Government advice and guidelines and not to put yourself at risk in any way.

Certain aspects of the lockdown are starting to be amended albeit slowly.   There are differences in approach depending upon where in the UK you live, therefore please follow the guidelines that apply ‘where you are’. 

For details of guidelines and advice please refer to the following websites;-

To view Government advice on England lockdown rules visit:

Devolved Government information can be found in the links contained in section 9.1 of the above FAQ.

For more information on COVID-19 visit

Currently, all mass gatherings are banned and until that situation changes we can reasonably assume that no events will take place.   We have seen most of our events calendar being cancelled or re-scheduled already and in the short term, it doesn’t look like that will change dramatically.   As and when the advice changes we will inform Co-ordinators of any policy changes that the National Committee decide. The information will also be placed on the club’s website

 SOC Events – Current Decisions.

Local N&Ns and Events.


Please adhere to the government rules ‘where you are’ concerning the lockdown and what you can and cannot now do.

Recently, a question has been raised to do with organising an area run and picnic now that we can go ‘out and about’ and is from an English area.

Please refer to the Government Guidelines that apply to you above before making any decision on activities and please be comfortable that you are not opening yourselves up to criticism or worse.  On this particular issue of run outs etc, the committee’s view is that the SOC should not be seen to be encouraging gatherings at this point in time.  Therefore, whilst it is tempting to make the most of our beloved cars and the weather, we would strongly advise you not to organise gatherings of any sort, including run-out convoys.  Use your cars individually by all means, but a herd of Stags out in convoy, is likely to viewed as an organised group gathering, which is not currently allowed under the law.  Also, the public may not take kindly to seeing large groups of classic cars in convoy or congregating even if social distancing.  When driving our lovely cars, we are on show and in the public eye therefore under greater scrutiny.

Follow the rules and Keep safe. 

The 50th Anniversary Celebration Ball – 30th May 2020. CANCELLED.

The organisers have decided to cancel the event and refunds are being issued.

NEC Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show 27-29 March 2020 POSTPONED

This event has been postponed to 7th -9th August 2020.    Keep watching the NEC Restoration Show Website for updates.    At the moment the show is currently still being promoted as open but given the fact that part of the NEC is still a hospital, this could well change.

National Event at Silverstone Classic   2nd August 2020 CANCELLED

Following the latest Government advice, Silverstone have reached the inevitable conclusion that they need to cancel this year’s event. Given the current circumstances and the outlook on timescales, a postponed event - which was their original back-up plan - in a way that enables them to run the Classic in the manner that we know and love isn’t a feasible option. Silverstone's priority at all times is the safety and wellbeing of those attending its events as well as their own team.  

Your 2020 ticket
Silverstone advise that you will have the option to roll your tickets over to the 2021 event or request a full refund. There are a number of measures they need to put in place first, but they will be back in touch with each of us in June with details of the next steps. In light of the current situation, they have a reduced team who are dealing with a high number of enquiries, so have asked us to please bear with them.

Regards and Keep safe everybody.

Tony Lapworth,  

National Committee Chairman