The Club

All About the Club

The SOC is the largest official Club exclusively for enthusiasts of the Stag and one of the largest single model car clubs in the UK. This allows us to run regular monthly meetings for local members at more than 40 venues throughout the UK.  From this base we are able to organise social events and car runs in the UK and abroad as well as club displays at local, national and international Car Shows.

Owners clubs for Triumph Stags operate all over the world and the Stag Owners Club works closely with most of them. A European Stag Meeting is hosted every two years by one of the Continental Stag Clubs in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The Stag Owners Club is a community of like minded people of all ages united by a common interest in the Triumph Stag classic car ........ and a zest for life. 

It is not necessary to own a Triumph Stag to be a member.